Red Flags Emerge in U.S. Stocks With Insiders Rushing to Sell

The list of warning signs for the rally that pushed U.S. stocks to another record is growing longer. As the S&P 500 Index embarked on a torrid four-day advance, corporate executives and officers have stepped up selling shares in their own companies — so much so that there were five insider sales for every one […]

Trump stock market is far outpacing past US presidents. Here’s what to expect in 2020

Trump stock market rally is far outpacing past US presidents President Donald Trump’s stock market stacks up well against the majority of his presidential predecessors. The S&P 500 has returned more than 50% since Trump was elected, more than double the 23% average market return of presidents three years into their term, according to data […]

World Bank warns of global debt crisis

The World Bank has warned of the risk of a fresh global debt crisis, urging governments and central banks to recognize that historically low interest rates may not be enough to offset another widespread financial meltdown. In its biannual Global Economic Prospects (GEP) report, published late Wednesday, the Washington D.C.-based group said there have been […]

Boeing 737 crashes in Iran as soon as it took off

Following Trump’s tweet that “everything is all right” and appeasing the passions in Iran, news emerged that Ukrainian Airlines’ Boeing 737 aircraft with 180 passengers on board crashed after departing from Tehran airport. He had to fly to Kiev. The Iranian press service, ISNA, says that there has been a technical problem, but given the […]

Iran with new threats, Trump repeals his statement from the Oval Office

From US media based in Tehran: Iran: If the US does not respond to our recent actions, then we will stop the attacks altogether But if the United States responds with an attack against us or otherwise aggressively, then a very aggressive reaction will follow on our part President Trump has canceled his expected statement […]

US bases in Iraq were hit by the Iranian national guard

This time, there is talk of an attack on US forces in Iraq, and more specifically the Al-Assad base. She is said to have been hit by six rockets, according to a report by the BBC and Defense Officials, quoted by US media. There are also rumors of an attack on US air base in […]

Rumors of an attack by Iran against a US base in Iraq

Several reports / rumors are circulating that there have been attacks by Iran against an American base in Iraq, an attack in Kuwait and an attack in the Green Zone of Baghdad aimed at the US Embassy. The information is not confirmed.

Arvinas, Dropbox, Trinity under the radar of insiders

Arvinas One of Arvinas’s directors has increased its stake in the company. He bought 680,000 shares at $ 22. The whole transaction was worth $ 14.96 million. It should be noted, however, that in contrast to this decision, the company CCS sold 10,000 shares at the same time. The company reached a 52-week high and […]