Samsung announced the new Galaxy S20 in 3 variants

As with every new smartphone in a given year, you’ll find a typical spec upgrade, including the latest chips, more memory, and so on. But the new processor brings along a new feature that marks a big leap in mobile connectivity: 5G. Whether you want it or not, 5G connectivity will be standard across Samsung’s […]

The new Lotus Evija will cost you only $ 2.1 million

In London, Lotus unveiled its first complete electric supercar, Evija. The car has 1972 horsepower and is the first to be fully developed by the parent company of Lotus – Zhejiang Geely Holdings Group, which is owned by billionaire Li Shu Fu. The company also includes the Volvo Car Group and will be the major […]

Airbu s(AIR.PA) technology aimed to a single-pilot airplane

The European aerospace giant Airbus (AIR.PA) is developing a technology that will reduce the need for a number of pilots in the cockpit, a Grazia Vittadini-CTO Airbus statement said. “The deployment of AI in our systems allows us to begin eliminating the need for crew in terrestrial and routine tasks, while keeping the human element […]

Zero S – the perfect electric motorcycle

Electric motors are not a whole new business idea. Their usefulness, however, is unmatched. Firstly, these bikes use so little fuel compared to a car that the fuel consumption is unrealistic at all. But since 2000, demand for motorcycles has been declining gradually, down from 8% last year. However, households with at least one motorcycle […]

AI boom is expected to start in 2019

Artificial Intelligence is the next major technological wave, bringing us new technologies and business opportunities. While many of the big tech companies are already betting on AI, a few startups quietly test the limits of AI capabilities. Trying to create faster and clever AI products. This year, it predicts a number of promising beginnings to […]

Apple announced its new iPad Pro and MacBook

Apple today announced its new iPad Pro models and Mac computers at an event in Brooklyn. The new iPad Pro will no longer have the old home button but will have an integrated Face ID technology. The new tablets will use the same edge-to-edge LCD display as with the new iPhone XR and will be […]

China replaces street lighting with artificial moon

In an effort to combat climate change, China plans to place its artificial moon in the low orbit of the earth. The aim is for the country to completely eliminate street lighting, thus saving a colossal amount of electricity coming mainly from the morally outdated TPPs in the country. According to a China Daily report, […]

Samsung and LG with big bets on the future of TV

Korean consumer electronics companies LG and Samsung will rely on investments in 8K for future growth in the TV segment. 8K TVs have twice as many pixels as 4K TVs, which makes colors and shapes clearer and sharper. Plans are for 8K TVs to be large (more than 65 inches). The models offered by Samsung […]

Is there appetite for crypto-currency IPOs?

Three of the largest crypto-mining companies – Bitmain Technologies, Canaan Inc. and Ebang International Holdings – plan an IPO in Hong Kong in the near future. The decision comes amid the bear market in crypto-currencies that began in the beginning of this year. The companies will likely capitalize on their success from 2017, when crypto-asset […]