Good entry opportunity with near stop and excellent risk/reward ratio

SOLB D1 Our expectations: Long-term long trend and short-term correction. The movement remains in the trend channel, with the price reaching a key support zone. Price action: Bar pin on a support level. Indicators: Test of 50%, price holds above. Price below 50SMA and above 200SMA. The moving averages are arranged in a bullish formation. […]

WTI with potential for short

Timeframe: D1 Instrument: OIL.WTI (commodities) Technical comment: Oil remains in the downward movement, and after a short period of short-term consolidation we have the first conditions to take a short position. We have a previous unsuccessful attempt to test the 200-period candle-hammer closure and knock-down levels at $ 57.35, as well as diagonal resistance. The […]

Current position: Long CRON.US

Cronos Group (CRON.US). Marijuana stock. Technical comment: The company’s shares broke the short-term downward wedge, holding more than 200 – the average average and a break and closing above 50 – the average. Price managed to break through successfully and level 23.6 at Fibonacci. Shares remain in long-term upward trend. CCI and RSI confirm the […]