How to make the most of the prolonged decline of United States Steel

United States Steel It is difficult to stop at such a low price, even after the stock has fallen by about 33% since the beginning of December, which happened when the rest of the market was rising. United States Steel… You need ・Varchev Trading Club・ membership subscription to enter this page. (19.90€ / monthly; 199€ […]

Peloton can collaps by 86% under competitive pressure

After Peloton launched an advertisement that was sharply received and criticized earlier in December, the company’s shares fell significantly. Now one of the most famous short-sellers says that hard times for the company are yet to come. Andrew Left, who manages Citron Research, has set a company price target of $ 5 for 2020. This […]

Hong Kong will continue to push down the financial markets!

The controversial extradition proposal in mainland China continues to press hard Asian financial markets and will have negatively impact in Europe and US. According to Kari Lam, Hong Kong’s chief administrator, the city’s unrest will push not only him, but the entire region into an “economic chasm”. What to expect, will the unrest soon stop? […]

S&P on a historic high, analysts expect more gains

The S&P 500 just set an intraday record Thursday. For doubters thinking the rally is just a last gasp of the decadelong bull market, analysts who study charts to make buying and selling decisions believe there is more room to run. From market breadth to the breakout from a so-called flag pattern to the number […]

7 best exchange-traded ETFs for dividends

We have chosen several ETF-a, with a long history of paying dividends. These funds do not perform as strongly as shares, but at the expense of any income and extra stability, which shares dividends can provide. iShares Core Dividend Growth ETF Symbol: DGRO Total assets: $1.2 billion 1-year return: 25.5% Yield: 2.4% In building its […]

Five cannabis stocks under $10 you need to buy

Many top cannabis – Canadian-based stocks are still unnoticed by Wall Street. However, this is starting to change as more and more analysts are beginning to look into this sector. Not only have they begun to watch it, but also buy buy-ins for some of the hottest companies. The cannabis industry is now starting to […]

General Elecrtic shares surge 13%

Danaher will buy the biopharmaceutical business of General Electric in a $21.4 billion deal, the companies announced on Monday. The GE Life Sciences unit will join Danaher’s Life Science as a stand-alone business. The General Electric biopharmaceutical unit is expected to generate about $3.2 billion in revenue this year. Danaher expects the deal to be […]

Possible long position for Advance Auto Parts (AAP.US)

Our expectations: Share price rises supported by good market fundamentals and confirming technical analysis. We are observing a long-term upward trend, with over 200 and 50 daily average moving average. After some correction to a successful 200-period test, the price rises again. At the moment we have a double-bottomed figure and a Fibonacci pierce level […]

Goldman Outlines ‘Where to Invest Now’ in U.S. Equities

If history could be our guide on the market, then 2019. looks to be very good for US stocks, according to Goldman Sachs. After a decrease of 20%, the SP500 usually recovers within a quarter, and the historical precedents of political turmoil signal the absorption of a later presidential cycle. Expectations for a positive outcome […]