The yield on 10-year US bonds with a break of 0.70%

In the current times of uncertainty, all Wall Street players are racing to buy bonds as quickly as possible in an attempt to escape the stock market. Benchmark bond yields hit a new low today, reaching 0.69% This is abnormal behavior, and the bond market is usually always right. Bloomberg points out that the US […]

Market Bar Reading: DOW and SPX – And now which direction will we trade?

Typically, the fall in interest rates has a positive effect on the stock markets, as cheap money on the market means only one thing – demand for higher returns = buying stocks. However, fears that this emergency may be a… You need ・Varchev Trading Club・ membership subscription to enter this page. (19.90€ / monthly; 199€ […]

Caxton and Kirkoswald hedge funds are earning lower rates

Mr Law’s London, located in Caxton, one of the oldest and well-known funds, has grown more than 3% in its Global Fund since it started last week, with a return of 7% this year. Mr Coffey gained 5.2% last month in New York-based Kirkoswald Capital Partners, a hedge fund that started in 2018 after retiring. […]

Asian pressure markets, Apple suppliers are leading the lossess

Asian markets are assimilating news from Apple that their Q4 reports are likely to disappoint investors’ expectations. Apple is the first company to signal the seriousness of the economic consequences of a coronavirus. Shares in Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong are down more than 1%. In Sydney and Shanghai, reductions are more limited. The Australian […]

Proximus – Death cross and is there a new downtrend to take advantage of?

Proximus, Daily. Classical development of the price per share. Upward trend followed by exhaustion – consolidation and conditions for the formation of a new downward trend. Here we could position ourselves with short positions with a convenient stop. DeM is… You need ・Varchev Trading Club・ membership subscription to enter this page. (19.90€ / monthly; 199€ […]

Optimism is spreading to Asia too – we expect a strong start to the session

Asian markets are expected to launch strongly. Optimism also spreads to countries in the east that the world economy will be able to recover faster than the coronavirus. Futures in Tokyo, Sydney and Hong Kong indicate that markets are headed for a third consecutive day of growth. Sentiment further supports after Xi Jinping’s statement that […]