Varchev Finance: Trading day in one post – 19.09.2018

Asia markets rose on Wednesday as investors reacted to Beijing’s response on fresh tariffs the U.S. implemented on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports. In Australia, the benchmark ASX 200 rose 0.3 percent, with the materials and energy sectors gaining 1.59 percent and 1.16 percent, respectively. Major mining stocks rose: Shares of Rio Tinto were […]

Varchev Finance: Trading day in one post – 18.09.2018

Asian Stock Market – The Asian stock exchange session was extremely volatile given Tramp’s two main speeches, which introduced a new 10% to $ 200bn. and by China, which has taken a neutral position. The traders began to accumulate the news from China as a strong positive for the stocks and a very negative one […]

Varchev Finance: Trading day in one post – 17.09.2018

Asian Stock Market – Expectedly, the short positions of the Asian markets were the profitable deal during the Asian session. Here are the specific figures: The negativism gained during the Asian session will also shift to Europe. A good deal during the European Session should be directed to a share portfolio hedge rather than making […]

Varchev Finance: Trading day in one post – 14.09.2018

Asian Stock Market – For the first time in a while, Asian markets are trading a dose of positivism stemming from the White House’s decision to resume talks with China on tariffs. So far, the Asian markets are far from a support area, but it is good to head off and start building a long, […]

Varchev Finance: Trading Day in One Post – 12.09.2018

Asian Stock Market – Asian markets could not absorb the positive moods that arose during the US session because China has asked for a World Trade Organization (WTO) permission to impose annual sanctions of $7b against the United States. Nikkei 225 fell 0.43% and Kospi traded 0.40%. Expectedly, China’s markets are the most declining. Hang […]

Varchev Finance: Trading day in one post – 07.09.2018

Asian stock market: Asia markets were mixed in the morning of the last trading day of the week, amid a possible escalation in the U.S.-China trade war later today. The Nikkei 225 fell by 0.96 percent in the morning. U.S. President Donald Trump had hinted to columnist James Freeman that Japan could be next in […]

Varchev Finance: Trading day in one post – 06.09.2018

Asian Stock Market – Shares on Asian markets are trading mainly with declines after sales of Wall Street technology companies. Nikkei saw a decline of 0.33%, while Kospi in South Korea was trading unchanged. ASX200 fell 1.07%. In China, the main indexes were down: Hang Seng fell 0.64% and Shenzhen down by 0.07%. Despite positive […]

Varchev Finance: Trading day in one post – 05.09.2018

Asian Stock Market – Asia markets were largely negative in morning action after Wall Street posted losses on its first trading day of the month, and as emerging markets sold off overnight. Japan’s Nikkei 225 traded down by 0.26 percent in the morning, with the real estate sector seeing a loss of 1.76 percent. South […]

Varchev Finance: Trading day in one post – 04.09.2018

Asian Stock Market – Asian markets remained uncertain with regard to trade, so the session was trading in mixed moods. In Japan, Nikkei 225 started trading on negative territory, and then jumped 0.11%. South Korea’s Kospi also registered a similar movement, currently trading at 0.12% higher. In China, despite all the worries about the trade […]

Varchev Finance: Trading Day In One Post – 03.09.2018

Asian Exchange Market – As I predicted earlier, some of the profitable trades were through the short positions of the Asian indices. The Japanese Nikkei traded with a 0.39% drop, Kospi with -0.54%. In southern Korea, Shanghai composite declined by 0.545. Hang Seng collapsed by nearly .49%, with traders weighing negativism on Wall Street. FX […]