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Trading terms for Meta Trader 5

Leverage ** Balance/Equity
1:500 up to $10 000
1:400 $10 000 - $20 000
1:200 $20 000 - $50 000
1:100 $50 000 - $250 000
1:75 $250 000 - $400 000
1:50 above $400 000
* Аpplicable since 01.04.2018

- The leverage level for each client depends from the total balance on all open accounts and may be subject to prior approval depending on the amount of accounts and trading volumes
- Under current balance will be taking into consideration all open / closed positions, deposits and withdrawals in the account
- The leverage level of the VIP accounts (above $50 000) is possible to be negotiated

Volume * Leveredge **
Up to 10 lots (1 mil.) 1:500
From 10 lots (1 mil.) to 20 lots (2 mil.) 1:400
From 20 lots (2 mil.) to 100 lots (10 mil.) 1:200
Above 100 lots (10 mil.) 1:50
under negotiating

* Net exposure on a single currency pair. In excess of the net exposure, the leverage of the entire account will be subject to change at the level corresponding to the open net volume.
** Leverage can be changed by Varchev Finance at any time based on the current balance and client trade sizes

Curency pairs from 12 January 2018

Curency pairSpread *Swap Long
(in base currency for 1 lot)
Swap Short
(in base currency for 1 lot)
AUDCADmarket spread-0.3-3.4
AUDCHFmarket spread2.9-7.2
AUDJPYmarket spread1.9-5.9
AUDNZDmarket spread-3.4-0.8
AUDUSDmarket spread-1-1.9
CADCHFmarket spread1.9-4.9
CADJPYmarket spread1.1-5.5
CHFJPYmarket spread-4.3-0.6
EURAUDmarket spread-10.64.4
EURCADmarket spread-8.22.8
EURCHFmarket spread-1.1-4.4
EURGBPmarket spread-5.1-0.1
EURJPYmarket spread-3.8-2.2
EURNZDmarket spread-13.96.1
EURTRYmarket spread-97.657.3
EURUSDmarket spread-8.22.1
GBPAUDmarket spread-7.71.6
GBPBGNmarket spread-3.7-0.8
GBPCADmarket spread-6.60.8
GBPCHFmarket spread1.1-7.8
GBPJPYmarket spread-2.2-5.3
GBPNZDmarket spread-14.34.3
GBPUSDmarket spread-6.91.1
NZDCADmarket spread1.4-4.1
NZDCHFmarket spread3.8-7.2
NZDJPYmarket spread3.5-7.4
NZDUSDmarket spread0.4-2.8
USDBGNmarket spread-1.8-0.6
USDCADmarket spread0.2-1.2
USDCHFmarket spread3.2-7.9
USDJPYmarket spread2-7.1
USDTRYmarket spread-74.834.5

* See our spreads in real environment with our free demo account here or call us at +44 7553 270 397
** Varchev Finance keeps the right to change spreads and margin on limit orders during news or low liquid market, as well as force majeure circumstances.
*** Swap – roll - over interest rate for the next day, automatically added or deducted every night at 00.00. From Friday to Monday swap is accounted at once. In Wednesday against Thursday the swap is triple accounted.

Working time for FOREX: 00.00 Monday to 23.00 Friday GMT +2.