The future is now – Sophia – the first humanoid robot to receive citizenship comes to Bulgaria

Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest growing IT sectors and a topic that causes controversial reactions among consumers. On the one hand, we are always convinced of the advantages of technology, but on the other, we are afraid the AI ​​software will become smarter than we are.

Our fears are legitimate in the face of smart machines like Sophia, which became the first robot in the world to have received citizenship, which was given by Saudi Arabia in this case.

What makes this robot so important?

1. Sophia is a social robot with artificial intelligence inspired by the English actress Audrey Hepburn.

2. The creator of the innovative machine is dr. David Hanson, founder of Hanson Robotics. This is the most advanced humanoid robot of the company so far.

3. The unique robot boasts interesting public appearances such as the cover of Elle magazine, live concerts, conferences and a number of specialized magazine interviews.

4. Sophia’s personal interests are mainly related to business. The creators of Hanson Robotics have already held meetings between the robot and leading names in the automobile, insurance, real estate, media and entertainment industries.

5. Sophia has more rights than any other woman in Saudi Arabia and probably in the rest of the Arab world. For example, she is exempt from being accompanied by a guardian, as well as from wearing an abia (long robe).

6. Artificial Intelligence software allows Sophia to communicate organically, understanding the context of words and different expressions of users. Digital eyes have built-in cameras with face detection system for direct viewing.

7. Sophia also has her own sense of humor and can create her own jokes in her conversation with other people as well as learn from them. At a press conference she was asked if she would destroy humanity and respond positively, then smiled.

This is one of the most serious proofs of the possibilities of artificial intelligence in the imitation of human communication. Hanson Robotics’s smart machine is just the beginning, as other companies are already developing similar artificial intelligence robots.

Sophia is among the 300th world speakers of Webit.Festival, which will be held in Sofia city between 25-27 June this year.

Source: Bloomberg Pro Terminal

 Trader Aleksandar Kumanov

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