The largest Blockchain ETFs

Blockchain increasingly finds use in investor vocabulary, especially over the past two years. Companies have taken aggressive innovations in this direction by looking for stubborn ways to implement blockchain technology for the next major breakthrough.

Not only is the financial sector looking for technology. Recently, the automotive industry has embarked on the brave undertaking to implement a blockchain. In addition, technology has already begun to be used to track food consignments, imports and exports, prescriptions, fitness and condition of all goods, personal medical records monitoring and many other applications. The only big issue on the agenda is: Where can a blockchain still be implemented?

Though the breakthrough of the blockchain has come to fruition, the potential of practice remains unlimited. Of course, the question arises where we would invest mostly in this area. To reduce risk, Exchange-traded backgrounds (ETFs) offer quite good opportunities.

The Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF is a fund that has been in place since January 2018. The Fund invests much of its assets in shares of companies involved in the development and implementation of blockchain technology. Under the fund’s management are assets worth $ 104.9 million, up to now, the fund is up by 15%. The ETF has positions in the following ten companies:

Digital Garage (4.50%)

SBI Holdings (3.61%)

Cocoa (3.52%)

Galaxy Digital Holdings (3.52%)

Rakuten (3.49%)

Opera (3.48%)

Square (3.33%)

Overstock (3.31%)

Nexon (3.21%)

Reality Shares The Nasdaq NexGen Economy ETF has been in existence since January 2018. The fund monitors the Reality Shares Index Nasdaq Blockchain Economy. Target companies that contribute resources to the development, development and maintenance of blockchain technologies for their use or for others. The fund manages assets of $ 68.5 million. So far, the fund is up 11%. Here are the ten companies in the Fund’s portfolio:

SAP (2.20%)

Accenture (2.06%)

Microsoft (2.03%)

Advanced Micro Devices (1.95%)

Tencent Holdings (1.91%)

Digital Garage (1.90%)

JPMorgan Chase (1.89%)

Cisco Systems (1.88%)

International Business Machines (1.88%)

Fujitsu (1.87%)

First Trust Indexx Innovative Transaction & Process ETF. And he is from the beginning of 2018 and follows Indexx Blockchain Index. The fund is aimed at companies that are actively using technology, investing in it and developing other products based on the new technology. Under the fund’s management, it has assets worth $ 39.7 million. The fund is also up 11% up today. The top companies they invest in are:

AMD (2.24%)

Wirecard (2.22%)

SAP (2.10%)

PayPal (1.97%)

Honeywell (1.96%)

Microsoft (1.95%)

Accenture (1.94%)

Telfonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (1.90%)

Swisscom (1.88%)

Amazon (1.86%)

Innovation Shares The NextGen Protocol ETF is a fund that started in January 2018. (It seems this month has kicked off most of the Blockchain ETFs …) The fund monitors the Innovation Labs Blockchain Innovators index as the fund invests in companies engaged in implementation and development of crypto and blockchain products. It manages assets for $ 9.5 million. Top holdings that the fund includes are:

Amazon (4.83%)

Microsoft (4.72%)

Mastercard (4.61%)

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (4.61%)

Visa (4.54%)

Nvidia (4.43%)

SAP (4.36%)

Nestle (4.15%)

BP (4.13%)

Cisco Systems (4.12%)

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