The new Lotus Evija will cost you only $ 2.1 million

In London, Lotus unveiled its first complete electric supercar, Evija.

The car has 1972 horsepower and is the first to be fully developed by the parent company of Lotus – Zhejiang Geely Holdings Group, which is owned by billionaire Li Shu Fu. The company also includes the Volvo Car Group and will be the major manufacturer of the other Lotus models – Elise, Exige and Evora.

Evija has a chassis made of carbon fiber with a height of ground of only 105 mm and an electric powerful engine developed by Williams Advanced Engineering. The battery is mounted in the middle of the base behind the two racing seats of the car, and the battery weighs just 2kg. The car costs $ 2.1 million.

Outside, the car looks ground to the ground, with huge cut outs and a huge front splitter. The two hydraulic doors are opened by a fob, instead of with handles. The rear of the car has a large wing and tapered, aerodynamic stripes. The car comes with 20 and 21 inch magnesia wheels in the front and rear.

Lotus designer Russell Carr says the Evija is a fully efficient and practical car. Under the hood, the vehicle has five drive modules: Range, City, Tour, Sport and Track. Will be able to accelerate to 100 in 3 seconds. The maximum speed will exceed 320 km / h. The car will be able to travel 400 km. with a once-charged battery that has a power output of 2000 KW. The charger is 350KW, taking only 12 minutes to charge the car to 80%, and 18 to 100%.

Inside, Evija will be the first Lotus to maintain a complete digital environment that will receive software updates on a regular basis like Tesla. Drivers will be able to use their smartphone to track the car from anywhere in the world, check battery power, driving range, and other things like turning the air conditioner on or off. On the road, a chronograph system in the application will allow the driver to record driving time and will be able to track the performance of the car over previous races.

Източник: Bloomberg Finance L.P.

Графики: Used with permission of Bloomberg Finance L.P.

 Trader Martin Nikolov

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