The sentiment remains in favor of the dollar index and the last day of 2014

EURUSD Continuing shortovite movements as the dollar remains supported by better data in the US and speculation of an early rise in interest rates. It is possible to see the corrections due to closing of positions and profit taking in the last hours of this year. The failed vote for the presidential election in Greece will have a negative impact on the entire region, according to most analysts, which supports the downward movement of the pair. January 22 is the meeting of the European Central Bank, as expected Mario Draghi officially announced further quantitative easing to stimulate the economy. However, this will have a negative impact on the single currency.

GBPUSD More bad data yesterday Nationwide index in the UK as well as expectations for an increase in existing homes in the United States today support the downward trend of the pair. In the longer term, the dollar remains supported by better data for GBP in the US, and weaker than the previous week in the UK, which is in favor of the dollar. On the last day of 2014 we may see increased volatility due to the closing of positions.

US indexes are expected to continue the upward movement in the last day of the year, as better data today for Chicago PMI index in the US, as well as the sale of Sashtetvuvat homes are likely to have a positive impact on ideksite. They remain supported by good data on gross domestic product over the past week in the US. Today in the session will be shorter, as the markets will close at 20:15.

European indexes are likely to continue corrective movements in today. Analysts say the failed vote for presidential election in Greece, which will lead to early parliamentary elections, can reduce the confidence of investors throughout the euro area and in yesterday’s session in Spain inflation showed -1.1%, which is far from popular 2% today Dax 30 and SMI rest and CAC and UKX have reduced working hours to 14:00 hours.

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