Trade the electric and autonomous car revolution

All you need to know about the big changes in the car industry

We are on the verge of perhaps the most important transport revolution of our times. Tesla, Toyota, Volvo, Renault, Apple, Google and Nvidia – these companies will be strongly influenced by technological innovations that will evolve from a dream to reality.

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Autonomous cars are closer than we suppose. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, predicts that “we are at perhaps 2 years away from cars with no steering wheels or pedals,” while Reuters has made evidence of Apple’s advanced engagement with self-driving cars.

At the same time, more and more electric cars are being sold on the global stage. Of course, internal combustion engines are still a fact, but no one knows when electric vehicles will reach critical mass and become the market leader.

Has Apple joined the race?

A minimum of 4 companies are in talks with Apple for potential suppliers of next-generation LED sensors for self-managed cars, according to Reuters. Apple analyzes the technology from companies, and develops its units, according to inside-company information.

This gives fresh evidence that Apple still has a desire to enter the industry, and the project in the company is called “Project Titan”. The focus is on a next-generation sensor that will give a 3D view of the road and the traffic situation.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Inc., said self-governing “robo-taxis” would be available in some US markets next year. He adheres to his habit of making bold forecasts that excite investors but often fails to meet deadlines.

Microchips and sensors

A key part of his recent comments is a microchip designed for autonomous vehicles that he presented during a presentation. This chip is made by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. in Texas, hopes to give Tesla an advantage over competitors, showing its significant investment in this segment. He described it as “in general our entire cost structure.”

He continued that this chip is the best in the industry and is designed for self-management only, while others like Nvidia Corp. have more than one feature.

Car makers around the world, start-ups and technology companies work on stand-alone vehicles, including Uber Technologies Inc. and Alphabet Inc. However, experts say they are a few years back.

Watching the coming technological revolution is something extraordinary. In addition, you can capitalize on the knowledge you have accumulated in the field. Prepare your Varchev Absolute Trader account for the next major news. Keep track of all companies involved and have deposited funds to make the right investment.

 Trader Aleksandar Kumanov

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