Traders are awaiting inflation data from the US, Europe, UK

02:30 Australia – Home Loans
17:00 USA – Labor Market Conditions Index

04:00 China – Trade Balance, New Loans
11:30 UK – CPI, PPI

12:00  EU – Industrial Production
15:30 USA – Retail Sales
20:00 USA – FED’s Beige Book
23:00 New Zealand – REINZ House Price Index

02:30 Australia – Employment Change, Unemployment Rate
15:30 USA – Initial Jobless Claims. PPI
17:00 USA – Philadelphia FED Manufacturing Survey

09:00 Germany – CPI
10:15 Switzerland – Real Retail Sales
12:00 Eurozone – CPI
15:30 USA – CPI
16:15 USA – Industrial Production

For the next week, the most important data will come from the UK and Eurozone for inflation and retail sales and PPI index of the United States.

Monday no important news, and only during the Asian session we will have data on job advertisements in Australia by 2:30, and personal loans, and expected level of jobs to be 0.7%, while loans to reflect increase to 2 % compared to 0.3% in the previous period.

Tuesday: Early session will begin with a performance by Japan in 1:50 and current accounts, as changes to the previous values of 0.833 are expected.

At 02:01 will become clear forecast BRC retail sales in the UK, which is not expected to change by 0.9%

At 5:27 we will have a major release is from China, which will become clear trade balance, which in the last reporting period showed 54.47V and for this expected level of 49.85V and data for exports and imports, the forecast for -7.4% level of imports and 6.8% level of exports. Following the publication of the data it is possible to see the impact on the crosses of the AUD and NZD, which are the largest trading partners of China.

At 11:30 will make clear the level of inflation in Britain, which is not expected to be changed from the previous value of -0.3% monthly and 1.0% on an annual basis. Expected strengthening of volatility. At the same time expected and PPI input data for the index, which analysts say will not be a change of values (-1.0%)

17:00 US will leave data open jobs for them forecast 4.848M to 4.834M for the previous period. At 21:00 will be known the results to balance the federal budget, which analysts say will be 22.0V to -56.8V. If the data justify likely see an increase in the dollar.

Wednesday: In the Asian session we have important news.

From 9:45 investors will pay attention to the level of inflation in France, and it is expected to remain at -0.2% at the same time will come and the results HICP index, analysts predict values of -0.2% compared to the same previous reporting period.

At 12:00 the Eurozone will make clear the level of industrial production, and no change is expected. Data for the previous period showed 0.1% for the month and 0.7% on an annual basis. When change is likely to see the impact on the euro.

US session will start with data from 15:30 to retail sales in the US, investors’ expectations are for a decrease to 0.1% compared to 0.7% for the previous period. At the same time it will become clear and the level of export and import indices for the past period they recorded a -1.0% respectively for Export and -1.5% for Import price index. If forecasts justify likely see lower dollar index.

Thursday: In the Asian session we have data from Japan machinery orders by changing the values are not expected. On an annual basis the data showed -4.9% and -6.4% on a monthly results will have limited impact on the market.

At 2:01 will become clear level of RICS index for home prices, and expectations are for 13%, as it was in the previous reporting period.

Australia in 2:30 will be seen the unemployment rate and the change in unemployment. Expectations are respectively 3.8K, 42.7K compared to last period the unemployed and 6.3% in the level of unemployment which was in arrears. In better data it is possible to see an increase in Australian currency.

European session began with news of Spain at 10:00 on the level of inflation is expected to persist -0.4% y and -0.1% on a monthly basis. When change is likely to see an impact on the single European currency.

US session started with the results at 15:30 PPI index for the US, as in the previous period, data showed levels of -0.2% mom and 1.4% yoy. However, expectations are for a drop to -0.3% for the month and 1.2% on an annual basis, and if they justify possible dollar decrease. At 17:00 investors will pay attention to the Manufacturing Index Philadelphia Fed, as expected values show 20.0 points to 24.3 points. Possible strengthening of volatility after Release.

Friday Asian session will start with data from Japan at 1:50 for bond purchases, as of last year showed levels 19.7V, and the changes are not expected.

09:00 will become clear inflation in Germany, which annually is expected to be 0.2% compared to the same values in the previous reporting period. If the data show higher levels it will probably strengthen the euro.

10:15 Swiss expect results for retail sales, and forecasts are for the preservation of the values of 0.3%, the data showed that for the previous reporting period.

At 12:00, investors will focus on the level of inflation in the Eurozone, but the expectations are to keep -0.2% annual and monthly basis. We expect increased volatility, and if forecasts justify likely see a weakening of the euro.

At 15:30 will become clear and the level of inflation in the US, forecast for -0.3% MoM and 1.0% yoy, as last month data showed a 1.3% annual and -0.3% on a monthly basis. At 16:15 we expect results for industrial production, and analysts expect a decrease to 0.1% compared to 1.3% in the previous period. At 17:00 will become clear and the level of consumer expectation, which is projected to show 86.0 to 86.4 points for the last reporting period.

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