•      Focus on the important: US crude oil inventories will be released today at 17:30, which will have an impact on the price of petroleum products and companies related to the raw material. Date: 8/17, 2022 11:32       •      Focus on what matters : Today's FOMC meeting at 9:00 PM will provide detailed information on the FOMC's stance on monetary policy, Date: 8/17, 2022 11:27       •      Focus on the important: EU CPI, a key measure of inflation, will be reported on Thursday, which will cause Euro pairs to move depending on the data. Date: 8/17, 2022 11:10      

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Meta Trader 4

Meta Trader 4 is the highest class trading platform for analysis and trading FOREX, CFDs and futures markets. Available to the client are a large number of technical indicators and lineal instruments.

The terminal has its own programming language for trading strategies - MetaQuotes Language 4. It can create mechanical trading strategies (experts, Expert Advisors), custom indicators (Custom Indicators) and scripts (Scripts).

The software allows minimizing risk option via opening two opposite positions in the same instrument for testing new technology experts on historical data allows to obtain results as close as possible to the results of testing experts in real time.Generates signals to place pending orders and automatic transactions. Has a "User Friendly" interface, easy to operate clients.


  • A wide range of currency pairs, stocks, indices, precious metals futures as CFDs
  • Allows the construction and import of your own indicators and expert systems.
  • Support unlimited open windows with its own graphics settings
  • Support different time periods (minute from graphics to weekly)
  • Large number of technical indicators and lineal instruments.
  • Monitoring financial market news in real time