•      15:00 Canada - GDP Date: 11/27, 2020 23:10       •      23:00 Australia - AIG Manufacturing Index Date: 11/27, 2020 23:10       •      15:00 Canada - Building Permits Date: 11/27, 2020 23:8       •      14:30 USA- PCE Price index Date: 11/27, 2020 23:8       •      15:00 Germany - CPI Date: 11/27, 2020 23:7       •      12:00 Europe - Eurogroup meeting Date: 11/27, 2020 23:6       •      12:00 USA - OPEC Meeting Date: 11/27, 2020 23:5       •      03:00 China - Manufacturing PMI Date: 11/27, 2020 23:4       •      10:00 Spain - CPI Date: 11/27, 2020 23:4       •      02:30 Australia –PPI Date: 11/27, 2020 23:3       •      02:00 New Zealand - ANZ Business Confidence Date: 11/27, 2020 23:1      

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Forex, CFDs and Social Trading from one account.

* Varchev Absolute Trader * is a revolutionary trading platform that changes the online trading.

Only Varchev Finance provides a platform that allows handling and earn the same financial tools that use big players on Wall Street and City of London.

Varchev Absolute Trader gives the opportunity to trade like a professional bank trader from your computer or mobile device.

Advantages of Varchev Absolute Trader

  • SOCIAL TRADING - copy the best traders in the world and earn like them.

Community of traders. Trader can automatically copy trades of other good trader, he has chosen, in whole or in part in its dealings.

In the department of social marketing with graphic and percentage illustration of money flow ie what percentage of traders across social trading are long or shorts every single tool and how profitable and how are the losers.

  • TRADERS TALK - listen in real time comments of traders on the floor of the major stock exchanges
  • CLOUD WEB BASED PLATFORM - Your personal settings and profiles of the platform are loaded every time when enter your account from any place in the world.
  • LEVEL 2 (depth) - see in real time the latest orders and their volumes of large banks and hedge funds
  • INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY FOR CLOSING order - Allows for closing all orders of an instrument with a single click or just winning or just losers.
  • PERCENTAGE visualized by clear graphics volumes own position traders
  • APPLICATIONS FOR MOBILE DEVICES AND SMART WATCH OF SAMSUNG - Applications for all mobile devices and for SMART WATCH OF SAMSUNG, that option will not find anywhere else
  • PROFESSIONAL GRAPHICS - Professional graphics with the possibility of technical analysis on your tablet or smartphone.
  • Instant execution of the client orders and stability
  • Trading (Buy and Sell) directly through the graphics.
  • Creating your own or downloading new trading tools - full store with lots of applications: automated trading systems, indicators, mobile applets and other applications.