Shawn Langlois:There will be chaos if the Fed loses patience

Intense on the market these days.

However, it is often calm the markets about the days before the Fed’s statement, now is not so – lows buy and margins are harvested.

S & P was up only 1% this year, compared with 24% of the German index.

Shanghai also performed better than US stocks and some analysts predict the race of bulls in China to continue.

Nevertheless, the United States are still firmly in the whip race regardless of fluctuations recently. In fact, it has already been in 2200 days. After another two months, this bull market will surpass that from 1974-1980, as the third longest since 1929.

If Janet Yellen is anxious, on Wednesday we will see whether there will be chaos. And if it is patient, we will make a lot of money.

Germany’s DAX index hits new record on Monday, making it the 26th year. European SXXP not present somehow, so №27 is held now. DOW and S & P are in negative territory.

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