An early start, some exercise & a high-fibre breakfast – 3 parts of my morning routine that help me tick

While I’m known for being predictably unpredictable – I’m always up for an adventure and love acalculated risk – I do, however, have a morning and nightly routine. I find structure to start and finish the day helps me to focus, and achieve the things I need to. Here’s a rundown of my usual morning routine – I thought it might be useful to share it with you.

No matter where I am, I rise early – usually around 5am. I like to sleep with the curtains open, so the sunlight wakes me. I find natural light to be wonderfully motivating. It’s hard not to be enthusiastic about the day ahead with the sun streaming through the windows.

If I am somewhere with a tennis court, I’ll generally play a hard couple of sets of tennis. If tennis isn’t an option, then I’ll go for a walk or a run, or jump on my bike. If I’m near the ocean, and there’s enough wind, I’ll go for a kitesurf. There’s no better way to start the day then with the wind in your hair, salt on your skin and a smile on your face.

Then it’s time to eat breakfast, which for me generally consists of something high in fibre, like muesli and fruit, to fuel my day’s adventures. After breakfast it’s a cup of tea with my wife, Joan… Who am I kidding, it’s probably already time for my third cup – I drink about 20 a day! Together Joan and I check in on our children, Holly and Sam, and their families, with phones or video calls if we’re in different locations.

Exercise and family time put me in a great mind frame before getting down to business. I like to wake up early so that I can work through my emails before most of the world logs on. Living in the BVI, I like to be online early, so that I am accessible and available to our offices in other time zones. I’m constantly connected and engaged, and I like it that way.

My morning tends to wrap up with a social media sweep. I love logging onto Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram everyday; posting about what’s going on in my life and reading your feedback. Social media has opened up the world, and given the public the power to really have a say – it’s a wonderful thing.

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 Trader Aleksandar Kumanov

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