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“If you are one of the first, you will win it if you are from the last one you go broke.”


” “Forced smart advice doesn’t fit” they once said, and why you have to teach anybody. Everyone walks along his own path. The question is who won, not what he trades. I personally do not understand how to win from instruments with very low volatility like cryptos (not that I’m against them) .I need movements like the indices for the last 10 days.”


“In my life I have seen many manipulated stocks. 1. They are cheap 2. Certain subjects start buying them and here begins the wonderful phase 3. However, to keep the trend, fresh money are needed 4. They find and the trend continues 5. The money sooner or later end and the last invested burns 6. The first invested earns 7. The stock goes to zero. …. naturally there is always news if there is none the stock is not going to jump …… news, pours, process rise and fall … and the DIRECTOR


“All indicators are a childish version of Demarker. Good, but only in growing.”


Biser Varchev


 Trader Nikolay Georgiev

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