Thomas Smile: “My first million dollars”

Nine factors according to Thomas Smile which helped him to make his first million
Winning a million dollars is difficult. Save of this profit is even more difficult.
Here is a list of nine factors that have helped me to reach the first million. I hope that can help you reach this point, “one million dollars profit.”

1. Own forces are important in the first few years.
I started my business without outside capital and no business loans. I used every cent.i believe in own forces allowed me to focus 100% on building my business without worrying about loans and debts. I worked hard with personal sacrifice, but in the end I was able to build a successful business without debt.

2. Your first thought will be how to make your first million.
It is very rare that an entrepreneur will hit profit in its first endeavor. I was no different. I failed the first time, and had failed several times, but that did not stop me. If I had given up after a few failures, I never would have succeeded. Do not be discouraged if your first idea, not a plan.

3. Work within your own resources and create good habits for the future.
When you set limits and work within those constraints you are laying a solid foundation for development. I have not had unlimited capital when zapochnah.Tova me become a very disciplined business owner and I still have the same approach today.

4. Do not surround yourself with skeptics.
Nothing will compensate you if you are surrounded by negative people. You will learn quickly that you can never please everyone and there will always be doubters people will always have something negative to say. Surround yourself with like-minded and remove negative energy from your life.

5.You have’t people who are smart and have different skills.
You can not carry all your burdens biznes.Ne you can learn to do everything just not enough time will have some of your team members who will be smarter than you in some areas

6. Do not focus on competition.
If you spend your time worrying about what they have done competitor.Da, you must be aware of what they do, and you can analyze your strategy, but otdelyanetoo too much time and energy in tracking their every move will take valuable time that shall you need to improve your business.

7. Your time is precious, so do not circumvent the rules.
Every entrepreneur eventually realizes that time is the most valuable asset. We all want more of it and it always will be limited. Do not circumvent the rules and thus avoid careless mistakes and it will save you time to determine preventable problems.

8. Rome was not built in a day.
You need to set achievable goals and then work hard to reach them and exceeded them. As an entrepreneur will come in contact with many other options and will think of other ideas across the path of development.

9. Believe in yourself.
Running a business is difficult. People will tell you that you’re right. People will laugh at your ideas. People will leave. People will not pay you.

Regardless of who you choose to work, no one cares as much about your company success as you. You must have faith in yourself and believe in success, even when your back is against the wall and when others can not doubt you.

 Trader Georgi Bozhidarov

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