The Bank Vault Is Not Just For Money

In the heart of the most-famous Financial District, there is a restaurant hidden inside an old bank vault. The bar itself is fitted within an historical Wall Street bank vault dating from 1904, showing off the true wealth and power of its day. Only on Wall Street could you expect to find such a smart way to capitalize on an existing former bank vault.

The actual bank vault at the Trinity Place restaurant was originally commissioned by the New York Realty Bank. The vault itself was built in upstate New York and floated down the Hudson River via barge at which point was transferred to its current position on railroad tracks. The marvelous vault has two identical doors weighing 35 tonne each, one door leading into the bar and the other into the restaurant. At each end of the bar, the original five inch steel walls have been preserved, so visitors can have a sense of how secure the old vault was. The restaurant converted from the old meeting room of the bank’s executive board complete with it’s original chandelier. During construction every effort was made to preserve the unique attributes of the space and can be seen through out. Whether you are on business, traveling, or a resident of the city, this place is a NYC must-visit. trinity

The restaurant has built its reputation serving fine food, created by its Irish chef and partner, Donal Crosbie.

This restaurant is not the only bank vault that was transformed into something interesting. In London’s financial district, there is a gym, that was former Lloyds Bank HQ building. The gym belongs to the GymBox fitness chain and was established in 2008. Massive vault doors gave a nod to the building’s former use and low-level walls in the gym area surround the equipment whilst providing a sense of a landscape within the space. In addition to the usual, standard weight training, resistance machines and cardio gear Gymbox Bank has its own resident DJ playing the latest high energy tunes to motivate you through your workout.

GymBox Bank

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