The most expensive car in the world – Darth Vader’s favorite vehicle

For their 110th anniversary, Bugatti created a jet black rocket, which is the most expensive car of all time. She would not seem to be in the spotlight if she used her as the Star Wars villager’s favorite vehicle Darth Vader.

“La Voiture Noire” is priced at 11 million euros ($ 12.5 million), with which roughly 300 Tesla Model 3s can be bought. The vehicle is already sold and speculation points to former VW CEO Ferdinand Piech as the new owner. Piech was known for his strict leadership style before leaving the parent company Volkswagen AG.


While not mentioning Piech in Bugatti’s statement, describing the new owner as just a “brand enthusiast”, it is Piech who signs some of Bugatti’s scandalous development costs. It is or not intended – a hint of Darth Vader who gives inspiration: “The windshield seemed to flow smoothly into the windows aside as a helmet visor,” said Bugati.

With or without the intention, the hint of Darth Vader gives inspiration: “The windscreen seems to run smoothly into the windows aside as a helmet visor,” said Bugatti.

Bugatti’s ultra-rich customers appreciate the brand’s expertise in turning cars into their demanding specifications, said Bugatti Design Director Achim Anscheidt.

The 16-cylinder engine has six pipes and La Voiture Noire’s extravagant specifications highlight the balancing action VW pulls through its 12-mark empire. Executive Director Herbert Diess, on this position in April, seeks to speed up the review to make the company more flexible and manage spending.

Source: Bloomberg Finance L.P.

Photo: Used with permission from Bloomberg Finance L.P.

Source of picture: Bugatti

Original Post: At $12.5 Million This Bugatti Is the Most Expensive New Car Ever

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