The Three Companies That Make Money in Bad Days

The Coronavirus epidemic threatens all China as well as the entire world. Experts fear it could cause irreparable damage to the global economy.

We stay positive – we want to introduce the three companies that make money in epidemic-days.

  1. Lakeland Industries

Lakeland Industries – the largest manufacturer of safety suits. The corporation manufactures infectious devices, but also all kinds of fire fighting equipment, thermal protection equipment, disposable protective clothing, Hazmat suits, and more.

After the virus invasion became a worldwide fat hit, Lakeland Industries took off a whopping 27%, hitting a 52-week high of $ 16.28. In the event of a global epidemic, the search for the stock is expected to explode.

2.Alpha Pro Tech

The second company to profit from times like the current ones would be Alpha Pro Tech – a leader in the manufacture of face masks.

Alpha Pro Tech is a worldwide distributor of infection control equipment as well as air filter face masks. Since the outbreak of the virus, the company’s shares have broken the sky with an irresistible 62.8% jump, hitting a 52-week high of $ 7.86. There is a huge demand for face masks as well as health glasses in China.

3. Vir Biotechnology

According to experts, the third company to benefit from the widespread spread of the virus is Vir Biotechnology. The company specializes in the development of clinical immunology, using state-of-the-art equipment and innovations for the treatment of serious diseases.

In the last few days, the biotech company has jumped by 30%. In early 2020, the stock jumped nearly 70% to a record high of $ 27.48. Experts believe that Vir Biotechnology is one of the main contenders for the successful detection of a cure for the coronavirus, positioning itself to profit at the back of the epidemic.

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