Tips of the most successful investors

Here are some tips from the really successful names in the sector, to help those who have not yet made clear commercial, strategy and novice traders.

“Be patient with your winning trades and extremely impatient with such losers. Remember that it is very likely to make large amounts of profit if you make only 30% of cases, while your losses are limited and your profits big “- Dennis Gartman. Dennis Gartman began publishing its daily newsletter, delivered to large institutional investors, hedge funds and others. as far back as 1987. He is also a trader and a frequent guest of the leading financial media. Young Gartman advises investors not to close their profitable positions at the first symptoms of profit. Secondly, according to him, not losers positions to take excessive amounts. As he stresses do not need traders to be done in the majority of the time. The point is to limit losses, and when they are made to be patient in order to fully reap the potential profit.

“It is better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a good company a wonderful price” – Warren Buffett. Buffett is considered one of the most successful investors in history, not only as one of the richest people on the planet . It gives two main board of the investor. When assessing the company to look for the quality of the company and its price. Quality is of utmost importance and requires the ability to analyze the accounts of the company, monitoring of its conferences, confidence in the quality and intentions of management and etc. According to Buffett, if a company is quality investors can not rely on that will buy its shares “of sales price”.

“Do you like a company? Put 10% of its portfolio in it and let your expectations to start coming true. Good ideas should not lead to a lack of diversification “- Bill Gross. This is one of the Managing Director of PIMCO, the largest bond fund in the world. He advises investors to respect the rule of diversification and not to ignore it.

“We are experiencing weakness, but I’m a long-term investor” – Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. He is well known in the investment community. Founder of the company in Saudi Arabia – Kingdom Holding Company. In times of crisis and panic, the Prince has done what most investors increased their condition made – quietly waited passage of panic.

“In this business ever learn … If you want a friend get a dog” – Karl Ikan. This is a private investor known for buying Coleman shares in companies and the acquisition of participation in their management in order to increase investor value. Some of his Titles include the names of companies such as Time Warner, Yahoo, Clorox and Blockbuster Video.

“I am confident that poverty in Mexico and Latin America, as is happening in China is an opportunity for growth. Investment opportunity “- Carlos Slim. One more tip from one of the richest people in the world who owns hundreds of companies employing over 250 000 people.

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