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Leverage * From 1:1 to 1:500
Minimum position 0.01 lot
(1 lot = 100 000 currency entities)
Commissions $0.05 for stock
Work time* Europe Stocks
    -> 10am - 6:30pm

American Stocks
   -> 4:30pm - 11pm
Instrument Long position/SWAP Short position/SWAP
American CFD -5.384% -0.615%
European CFD -2.533% -3.466%
Swiss CFD -2.207% -3.793%

* Server time GMT +2

Every night between 02.00 and 02.20 Meta Trader servers implement regular optimization about 2-10 minutes. During this time orders are not accepted. Orders can be submitted by phone or chat. In this case the order is placed by a dealer according to client requirements. The dealer has the right to ask for password and various questions aimed to clear client identification. In this case Varchev Finance Ltd. does not accept responsibility for client loses and unrealized profits.